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Off-the-Beaten-Path Beaches: Sardinia’s secluded spots for serene beach days

Off-the-Beaten-Path Beaches: Sardinia’s secluded spots for serene beach days


🤴 Spiaggia del Principe (Poltu di li Cogghji)
🚢 Porto San Paolo
💤 Spiaggia Pedra Marchesa
🏖️ Spiaggia Is Piscadeddus
✨️ Cala Sinzias  

Sardinia, an island celebrated for its crystal-clear waters, rugged coastline, and untouched landscapes, remains a sanctuary for those seeking solace away from the bustling tourist spots. Among its many treasures, five hidden beaches stand out, cherished by locals and whispered about by well-informed travelers. This guide takes you through these secluded paradises, offering recommendations for activities, local dining, and pro-tips to enhance your experience. Whether you're a tourist, an expat, or a digital nomad, prepare to explore the lesser-known facets of Sardinia's coastal beauty.

We guide you through our Top 5 less frequented beaches, from harder to reach to absolute insider tips among locals, from the vibrant north of the island to the relaxing south. Note that Sardinia's dream beaches are well frequented during the season, but with this guide and a little luck you will find deserted paradises, especially during the low season. Also check out our Pro-Tips to take your hidden beach experience to the next level.

Experience Sardinia Like Royalty at Spiaggia del Principe (Poltu di li Cogghji)

The Sardinian_Spiaggia del Principe Beach
 Why you should visit Spiaggia del Principe?
  • Secluded beach with crystal-clear waters and fine white sand
  • Accessed by a scenic hike, enhancing the experience with natural beauty
  • Perfect spot for underwater adventures, so pack your Snorkeling mask
  • Explore historical sites and food spots close by

Discover the enchanting Spiaggia del Principe (Poltu di li Cogghji), a secluded paradise on Sardinia's renowned Costa Smeralda. Famous for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and fine, white sandy shores, this beach is cradled by the lush embrace of Mediterranean nature. The journey to this hidden treasure involves a scenic hike, promising visitors a truly immersive experience. Nearby, beaches like Romazzino await with their own breathtaking vistas, offering a glimpse into the island's diverse coastal beauty.

Nestled within the luxurious embrace of Costa Smeralda, Spiaggia del Principe is a testament to the untouched natural beauty that Sardinia so proudly preserves. Legend has it that this was a favorite retreat of a prince, lending the beach its noble name. The crescent of powdery, white sand forms a stark contrast against the shimmering azure sea, creating a picturesque scene accessible only via a modest trek through aromatic Mediterranean scrub.

Things to do nearby Spiaggia del Principe
  • Trattoria da Patrizia in Porto is a must-visit. Don't miss out on their world-class fregola and extraordinary apple pie, and remember to book early during high season for an unforgettable dining experience.

  • Archaeological Park of Arzachena: Just a 20-minute drive from Spiaggia del Principe, this archeological site reveals the island's rich history through well-preserved nuragic complexes and necropolises, dating from the 5th to the 2nd millennium BC, nestled amidst stunning landscapes.

  • Explore the Capichera Vineyards: Located in the vicinity of Arzachena, a short drive from Spiaggia del Principe, the Capichera vineyard is known for its exceptional Vermentino wines. A guided tour and tasting at this family-run estate can provide insight into the local wine-making traditions.

  • Exploring the Costa Smeralda beyond Spiaggia del Principe, consider visiting nearby picturesque beaches like Romazzino, La Celvia, and Capriccioli for their unique beauty and ambiance.

Pro-Tips for Spiaggia del Principe
  • Best Time to Visit: Opt for June or September for fewer tourists and warm water, or May for beautiful wildflowers, though the water might be cooler. Arrive early to find a good spot, as the beach can fill up quickly despite its hidden status.

  • Take the Scenic Route: For a scenic but strenuous route, start on Via Romazzino, turn right onto Via della Mimosa towards Loc Piccolo Romazzino, where you find the parking. This path offers stunning coastal views but is steep in parts.

  • Bring your own Snorkeling Gear if you have it, as Spiaggia del Principe is known for its beautiful underwater scenery and marine life.

Getting to Spiaggia del Principe

To reach this secluded slice of paradise, navigate Via Romazzino, turning onto Via degli Asfodeli at the second junction. Continue until you encounter the electric barrier on Via dei Cyclamini, leading you to a mix of paid and free parking options. A short, 5-minute walk from here takes you down a pedestrian path straight to the beach's embrace. This route is recommended for its ease and accessibility, guiding you effortlessly to a day of unparalleled relaxation and scenic splendor.

By enriching your visit to Spiaggia del Principe with these insights, you're set to enjoy not just the sun-soaked tranquility of one of Sardinia's most beloved beaches, but also the rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty that surrounds it. 

Small Village Vibes and Stunning Views: Discover the Local Charm of Porto San Paolo

The Sardinian_Porto San Paolo Beach
⭐ Why you should visit Porto San Paolo Beach?
  • Discover the peaceful beach of Porto San Paolo with it‘s breathtaking view of Tavolara Island
  • Explore nearby attractions including sailing tours and hikes on Tavolara Island
  • Participate in local activities and the local weekly market
  • Experience the unique vibe of a small Sardinian Village 

Porto San Paolo Beach is a charming, less frequented beach favored by locals for its tranquil atmosphere and stunning views of Tavolara Island. This hidden gem offers a peaceful retreat from more crowded spots, making it perfect for those looking to relax and soak in the natural beauty of Sardinia. The close proximity to the port adds convenience, allowing for easy access while still feeling tucked away in its serene setting.

Porto San Paolo offers a picturesque gateway to the Tavolara Marine Reserve and a blending vibrant village life with the serene beauty of untouched beaches. Its waters shimmer with a spectrum of blues, and the view of Tavolara Island is simply unmatched. This former fishing village, now a cherished holiday destination, offers a unique blend of activities that seem reserved for those in the know.

Things to do nearby to Porto San Paolo Beach
  • Porto San Paolo Sailing Tour to Tavolara and Molara includes swimming stops at beautiful bays, a snorkeling session, lunch with local Sardinian products, and a chance to see dolphins.

  • Tavolara Island & Spectacular Hike involves a unique adventure to Tavolara Island and enjoying its beautiful beach. A 6-hour hike is accessible via a boat trip organized by Thinking Sardinia, catering to those ready for an real adventure.

  • Casa del Formaggio: Find a stand of this traditional Sardinian Enoteca at the farmers market every Thursday or the Fiera di Porto San Paolo, renowned local fresh and aged cheeses as well as local wines.

  • Il Portolano: Only during summer season Roberto Chelo and Claudia Schletti offer Sardinian-Swiss hospitality and genuine passion for high-quality Mediterranean cuisine. Near the marina, boasts a menu that perfectly captures the essence of the sea with dishes that are both innovative and traditional.

Pro-Tips for Spiaggia Porto San Paolo
  • Attend the Tavolara Film Festival in July to enjoy the best of Italian cinema. This event is a must-visit for cinema enthusiasts, offering a mix of screenings in Porto San Paolo and on the island of Tavolara itself.

  • Mercato settimanale di Giovedi: Visit the weekly market in Porto San Paolo for a colorful array of local foods, crafts, and an evening street market in summer, showcasing Sardinian artists and artisans.

  • Explore small Church and Local Festivities: Discover the charm of Chiesa Santa Giusta where you can join in the patron saint celebrations featuring performances by the Loiri choir. These vibrant festivities occur on St. Nicholas' Day at the end of August and St. Anthony's Day in mid-June.

Getting to Spiaggia Porto San Paolo

Spiaggia Porto San Paolo is nestled in a small bay, concealed from the immediate view of the village. To access this hidden beach, visitors can park their vehicles in a nearby free parking area. From there, a brief stroll along a path that meanders past a complex with some smaller stores and a restaurant leads to the beach. The rear of the beach borders this complex, with its busyness fluctuating throughout the seasons, adding to the beach’s intimate atmosphere.

Spiaggia di Porto San Paolo might be small, but its charm is immense, especially for those who prefer the subtle company of locals overcrowded tourist spots. Here, you can immerse yourself in Sardinian culture in a laid-back manner. It's a place where you can easily blend into the local way of life, enjoy authentic Sardinian cuisine, and explore the natural beauty of the area at your own pace. While it may not be a headline tourist attraction, its understated allure makes it a precious find for those seeking a more genuine and serene Sardinian experience.

A Tranquil Escape: Discover Spiaggia Pedra Marchesa, Sardinia's Secluded Beach Oasis

The Sardinian_Pedra Marchesa Beach
Why you should visit Spiaggia Pedra Marchesa?
  • Sandy and rocky landscapes, set against the backdrop of crystal-clear waters
  • Perfect area for adventurers and nature lovers
  • Uncover the rich cultural tapestry of Sardinia with a visit to Orosei Old Town
  • Explore nearby attractions including the pristine Natural Park of Oasi Bidderosa 

The beautiful beach of Pedra Marchesa is located in the municipal territory of Siniscola within the province of Nuoro, along the fascinating coast of eastern Sardinia, between the beaches of Bidderosa di Orosei and the beach of Bèrchida di Siniscola.

Spiaggia Pedra Marchesa, a jewel in Sardinia's crown, remains hidden due to its secluded location, accessible only by a path less traveled. The journey to this beach is an adventure in itself, winding through lush landscapes and offering glimpses of the azure Mediterranean Sea. What makes this beach stunning is a patchwork of rocky outcrops and sandy coves, offering a unique beach experience.

Things to do nearby Spiaggia Pedra Marchesa
  • Oasi Bidderosa: A short drive from Pedra Marchesa, this natural park offers hiking, birdwatching, and breathtaking landscapes. Accessible via a scenic road lined with juniper, pine, and holm oak trees, Bidderosa boasts five dreamy coves within an 860-hectare nature reserve, mainly composed of forests and Mediterranean maquis.

  • The Laboratorio di Ceramica in Siniscola: offers a glimpse into traditional Sardinian craftsmanship and artistry. At the ceramics workshops, visitors can experience the rich cultural heritage of Sardinia through hands-on demonstrations and workshops led by skilled artisans.

  • Monte Albo Regional Park: Embark on a hiking adventure in the nearby Monte Albo Regional Park, home to rugged mountains, ancient forests, and panoramic viewpoints offering sweeping vistas of the coastline.

  • Orosei Old Town: Take a stroll through the charming streets of Orosei's old town, where medieval architecture and historic landmarks abound. Visit the Church of San Giacomo with its stunning Baroque interior, and explore the town's traditional craft shops and cafes.

Pro-Tips for Spiaggia Pedra Marchesa
  • Seasonal Services: While Pedra Marchesa doesn't boast a wide array of services directly on the beach, during the high season, visitors can find basic amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Make sure to carry essentials like water, sunscreen, and comfortable walking shoes to enhance your experience.

  • Unique Geological Features: Pedra Marchesa is distinguished by its namesake rock formation located just offshore, creating picturesque waters that blend emerald green with azure blue. The beach itself boasts exceptionally fine, white sand, making it a serene spot for relaxation.

  • Take a short Hike to nearby Cala Luna, another beautiful beach that is only accessible by foot or boat. The bay is protected by steep cliffs that frame it and is interspersed with shady and spacious natural caves that offer protection from the sun in the warmer months.

Getting to Spiaggia Pedra Marchesa

Reaching Pedra Marchesa involves a bit of adventure, with a scenic drive from Siniscola and a short hike to the beach itself. Reach the Parking Area close to a "fire cut line," which is essentially a break in vegetation to prevent the spread of wildfires. Parking here, you're just a short walk away from the beach. Look for a path leading towards the beach.

Spiaggia Pedra Marchesa represents a quiet corner of Sardinia that's worth exploring for those looking for a peaceful beach day away from the crowds. The journey to get there is part of its appeal, offering a mix of natural beauty and cultural experiences along the way. While the beach itself may not offer a wide range of services, its unique setting and the surrounding attractions make it a noteworthy destination.


Spiaggia Is Piscadeddus: Where Tranquility Meets Authentic Flavors 

The Sardinian_Is Piscadeddus Beach
Why you should visit Is Piscadeddus Beach?
  • Explore the tranquil beauty and serene beach oasis along Sardinia's southeastern coast
  • Discover nearby culinary delights and artisanal products
  • Plan your relaxing beach day with a picnic, kayaking and a SUP Tour
  • Take a tour to the untouched nature of Capo Carbonara Natural Park

Situated along the southeastern coast of Sardinia, near the town of Villasimius, Spiaggia di Is Piscadeddus boasts a picturesque setting surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation. The Beach is characterized by its small, intimate setting and golden sands. This beach offers tranquility seldom found elsewhere, with a panoramic vista of the turquoise sea meeting the horizon. Unlike more accessible beaches in Sardinia, Is Piscadeddus provides a serene atmosphere that allows visitors to connect with nature intimately. It's the perfect spot for those seeking a peaceful retreat to unwind, meditate, or simply bask in the breathtaking surroundings.

Legend has it that the name "Piscadeddus" derives from the Sardinian dialect, meaning "little fish ponds," a nod to the abundant marine life that inhabits the waters along this coastline. Locals often share tales of ancient civilizations and maritime adventures, adding a touch of mystique to the allure of Spiaggia di Piscadeddus.

Things to do nearby Is Piscadeddus Beach
  • Bar Ristorante Il Miraggio: Dining at the Beach just a stone's throw from Spiaggia di Piscadeddus. The Menu includes fresh seafood or traditional Sardinian dishes. The cozy atmosphere and friendly service make every visit feel like a warm welcome.

  • Società Agricola Meigamma nestled near Spiaggia di Piscadeddus, is a cherished family-run farm rooted in Sardinia's agricultural heritage. With a commitment to organic practices and a love for the land, the Rossi family cultivates olive groves and vineyards, producing artisanal olive oil and fine wines that capture the essence of the Mediterranean sun and soil.

  • Il Caseificio Corvetto crafts authentic Sardinian cheeses, including sheep and goat cheeses, both fresh and aged. With a dedication to traditional methods and the highest quality ingredients.

  • Capo Carbonara Natural Park: Take a leisurely stroll and keep an eye out for native wildlife species. Spot colorful birds and other fascinating creatures that call this protected area home, adding an element of adventure to your beach excursion.

Pro-Tips for Is Piscadeddus Beach
  • Beach Picnic: Grab a freshly made panini from one of the supermarkets on the way. Delight in the tradition of freshly prepared paninis at the counter, just like the locals do.

  • Stargazing: Piscadeddus is perfect star observation. You can download a stargazing app to identify constellations and planets when the night falls.

  • Rent Kayak or SUP: While Piscadeddus is stunning, the area around it is ripe for exploration. We suggest renting a kayak or a SUP (stand-up paddleboard) to explore the coastline from a different perspective. There are hidden coves and beaches accessible only by water, offering a private slice of paradise.

Getting to Is Piscadeddus Beach

The beach is accessible by car, with a parking area conveniently located just a 2-minute walk away. The parking is free, alleviating any concerns about extra fees for your beach day. The parking lot near the beach has enough space for about 25-30 cars, which is ample but can fill up quickly during peak seasons. Arriving early is advisable to secure a spot. After parking, a short walk will take you directly to the beach.

Spiaggia di Is Piscadeddus, located along Sardinia's southeastern coast, offers a serene escape for those seeking tranquility amidst stunning natural beauty. Its intimate setting, golden sands, and panoramic views create a perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection. Visitors can indulge in delicious local cuisine, explore nearby attractions, and engage in activities like beach picnics, sunset watching, snorkeling, and kayaking. Whether you're looking for a peaceful beach day or a stroll through nature, Piscadeddus is a must-visit destination on your Sardinian itinerary.


Cala Sinzias: Sardinia's Hidden Beach Paradise Unveiled

The Sardinian_Cala Sinzias Beach
⭐ Why you should explore Cala Sinzias Beach?
  • Hidden beach paradise untouched by the masses of tourists
  • Discover one of Sardinia's cleanest and most serene beaches
  • Hike to Monte Turno and visit the Local Market in Costa Rei
  • Explore nearby activities and enjoy dining at a magical sunset location </aside>

Welcome to Cala Sinzias, a serene and picturesque beach located in the southeast part of Sardinia, close to Costa Rei. With its stretches of fine white sand and clear emerald waters, Cala Sinzias offers a peaceful retreat within a stunning natural landscape. Whether you're visiting from nearby Villasimius or making a special trip from further afield, this beach provides a perfect backdrop for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Cala Sinzias is furthermore a testament to Sardinia's commitment to preserving its natural beauty. The beach is part of a wider conservation effort, aimed at protecting the pristine nature of the island's coastlines. Local initiatives, such as the "Blue Flag" program, recognize beaches for their cleanliness, water quality, and environmental management. Cala Sinzias, with its crystal-clear waters and unspoiled surroundings, exemplifies these efforts. Visitors are encouraged to participate in beach clean-ups and respect the delicate marine ecosystem, especially the posidonia oceanica seagrass meadows, vital for maintaining the health of the Mediterranean Sea.

Things to do nearby Cala Sinzias Beach
  • Tamatete Lido & Restaurant: Evening events at Lido Tamatete offer a glimpse into the local nightlife and culinary scene, while the clear waters nearby are perfect for snorkeling.

  • Ristorante Agricampeggio Gli Ulivi offers a unique dining experience with traditional Sardinian cuisine and abreathtaking sunset, making every meal memorable. Andrea, the manager, ensures the authenticity and warmth that this family-run restaurant and B&B offers.

  • Hiking in Monte Turno: Just behind Cala Sinzias, Monte Turno offers hiking trails with breathtaking views of the coastline. It's a great way to explore the natural beauty of the area and catch a stunning Sardinian sunset.

  • Visit the Costa Rei Market early in the morning first pick of the day's freshest offerings and unique artisanal crafts. The Market takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays and is a real happening.

  • Diving and Snorkeling: The clear waters of Cala Sinzias are a haven for marine life, making it an excellent location for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Local dive shops offer guided tours and equipment rentals, allowing you to explore the underwater wonders of the Mediterranean.

Pro-Tips for Cala Sinzias Beach
  • Visit During Low Season: For an almost private beach experience, choose the low season. The beach's vast expanses feel exclusively yours, with minimal crowding and an uninterrupted connection with nature's tranquility.
  • Early Morning Serenity: Experience the beach at sunrise for a truly magical start to your day. The horizon glowing in bright orange offers an unforgettable backdrop, perfect for early morning stand-up paddling or simply soaking in the peace.
  • Discover Nearby Beaches: Cala Sinzias is a gateway to exploring other paradisiacal beaches in the area, each with its unique charm and beauty. From the family-friendly Cala Pira with its charming Saracen tower to the windsurfing haven of Campulongu and the crystal-clear waters of Porto Giunco, the surrounding coastline offers a beach for every preference
  • Parking: Parking can be limited, so consider arriving early or cycling from nearby accommodations.
Getting to Cala Sinzias Beach

Cala Sinzias is accessible yet retains a feeling of seclusion. For those relying on public transportation, buses run from Cagliari, the island's capital, to nearby towns like Castiadas, from where you can catch a local taxi or a seasonal shuttle service directly to the beach. Cycling is another eco-friendly option, with scenic routes available from several nearby locations. If you're driving, take the SS125 from Cagliari towards Costa Rei, turning off at the signs for Cala Sinzias. Parking is limited, underscoring the area's commitment to environmental preservation, so arriving early or visiting outside peak season is advisable.

Cala Sinzias is that quiet spot in Sardinia where you can really unwind, away from the crowds. It’s calm, with clear waters and a relaxed vibe that’s perfect for anyone looking to just chill. Here, you'll mostly meet locals or folks who come back every year to their beach houses—it's got a real family feel to it. If you’re after a laid-back beach day where you can feel at home among friendly faces, Cala Sinzias is your go-to.

Escape the Crowds and Explore Sardinia's Lesser-Known Beaches in the Low Season

While the allure of its beaches is undeniable throughout the year, those in the know understand that the true essence of Sardinia shines brightest in the quieter months. We highly recommend visiting before July and after August to immerse yourself fully in the paradise experience, with the added benefit of fewer tourists. Moreover, visiting Sardinia outside the high season supports sustainable tourism, contributing to the preservation of the island's natural and cultural resources. It's an opportunity to experience the island's biodiversity, from its fragrant maquis to its vibrant marine life, in a more sustainable and respectful manner.

Your adventure to Sardinia's secluded beaches awaits. Pack your bags, set your spirit of exploration free, and discover the island's most enchanting secrets. And who knows? You might just find your own slice of paradise along its shores.

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